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If you own a quality lawn mower it’s important to service and repair it in case of a breakdown before using it. At acodsystems we repair and service lawn mowers in Nairobi and its suburbs.

Call us in case you have the following problems;
1. The starter rope is hard to pull or seems stuck
2. Lawn mower won’t start at all
3. Losing of power in the middle of mowing
4. Lawn mower is smoking
5. Lawn mower is overheating
6. Won’t cut right

Lawn mower servicing can help extend the life of any lawn mower.
When storing the lawn mower for longer than a few weeks, siphon out the fuel.
Empty out any baggers attached to the lawn mower after each use.
Grass buildup and debris should be removed from the underside of the machine, blades and other areas of the lawn mower to prevent damage to the lawn mower.
Batteries should be removed if they are used within the lawn mower before storing the machine. This can help to prevent freezing and damage to the cells within the battery.
If you do not have the skills necessary to repair or maintain a lawn mower, enlist the help of a professional. This is especially important when working with the cutting blades and internal combustion components of the machine.

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